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Crackified Stargate

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Crackified Gate
Colorado Springs
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Welcome to crackified_gate

There can never be enough crack!fic in this world, and we need to share it.

This community is for sharing fic, icons, wallpapers, assbabies, glee, squee, meta-that-is-weird-and-insane, your totally crackpot theories involving the ninth chevron and rogue mutated anteaters...

It's all welcome (even assbabies, though their very existence is likely to cause a rift in the space-time continuum)

Teh rules which are really more like suggestions, except if you break them, and then the 2x4-of-doom comes out...

1. Silliness and insanity is encouraged at all times.

2. Plz no character bashing, flaming, death threats to TPTB, actual batshit insane antics.

3. Teh lj-cut USE IT! Should your post be long, full of awesomesauce pics that will kill poor people on dialup, or unsafe for work because of porn, please to be cutting it like the emochild it wants to be. (OMG! Yes! I went there!)

4. Fic Posts are welcome! Please include a header and appropriate warnings.

5. Icon posts are welcome! Please include 2 or 3 sample pics and then lj-cut or link to the post in question.

6. Daniel is a woobie at all times, and loves to be referred to as 'Space Monkey' or 'Danny Boy'

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